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In the Latin American culture, 'quinceanera' is a ceremony which is held on a girl's fifteenth birthday in order to celebrate her coming of age. The word translates to 'fifteen years' in English. It refers to the girl "becoming a lady" or "being ready for motherhood".

Such an occasion involves a mass in the honor of the girl and a ball style preparation. It is generally celebrated with a grand party which may be as elaborate as a wedding. On the special day, the girl is made to look as well as treated like a princess. She generally wears a gorgeous gown, high heel and tiara. The high heel is fitted on her feet by her father and the tiara is placed on her head by her mother. The quinceanera may even perform a waltz with her court which is made up of 15 people.

Quinceanera parties generally follow a theme, based on which the decorations and the party favors are chosen. Some of the popular themes are a princess theme, Hawaiian theme or a simple black and white party theme. It can also be a mascarade ball, a garden or a butterfly theme, and many more.

Types of Quinceanera Party favors

Favors should be in sync with the theme of the party. Some of the favors can be categorized under the following heads:

1. Personalized Quinceanera Favors would include something like Acrylic heart box with personalized ribbon, Mini favor candles with pressed flower or ribbons, imported chocolate in an elegant gift box, or personalized shirt and shoes.

2. Some Unique Quinceanera Favors are ceramic banana split salt and pepper shakers, Mini-Pillar Candles, black and white frosted glass, antique finish photo frame, monogrammed purse mirror, or Luminous black mini-lanterns.

3. There are Fairy Tale Quinceanera Favors too, which would go very well if the theme is the same. Elegant silver plated bell, frosted glass heart candles, scented candles in the shape of a gown or a sand castle, a card holder in the shape of a tiara or a carriage, compact mirror in black velvet pouch.

4. Garden Quinceanera Favors would include eco-friendly bamboo place card, hibiscus favor boxes filled with white chocolate hearts, garden glass gel candle or elegant orchid gel candle, glass coasters.

A Quinceanera Party is an event of a lifetime. Don't leave any stones unturned to make it the most memorable moment of the young lady's life. The above are some of the tips which you may follow or may be become so innovative that it would make you the most memorable person in the quinceanera's life.

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Themed Quinceaneras

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This article was published on 2010/03/29