Selecting a Baby Shower Theme

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Ok ladies, you've been given the honor (or punishment) of throwing the Baby Shower and maybe you do not even have any children of your own, have never been pregnant and you're completely lost and frantic about how to get started because the only thing that you know about a Baby Shower is that the expectant mom is supposed to open a bunch of gifts while everyone sits around "oohing and aweing"!

Sound like you? Take a deep breath; the first step to planning the perfect shower for your expectant loved one is to select a Shower theme! A theme gives you an idea to revolve everything else around and can make all of the little details of planning the Shower just seem to fall into place.

When planning any event, committing to a theme gives you a base for your planning. If you're reluctant to select a theme because you think that you'll have difficulty finding products (invitations, centerpieces, games, balloons, decorations, etc.) that match your theme, don't sweat it. It's much easier to have a theme that you stray from here and there than not to have a theme at all and to wander aimlessly through the planning process.

Discuss theme ideas with your mom-to-be. Select something that will be fun, entertaining and that is in-line with mom's personality and passion. Maybe even something that will match the nursery theme (by the way, "pink" is not a theme, it's a color. You'll need to be more creative than that).

Once you've selected your theme, start thinking about how you can incorporate it into games, activities and decorations throughout the event. You'll be amazed how easily things start to fall into place!

As a diaper cake Designer myself, of course I'm going to also suggest that you build or order a diaper cake to match your theme. Diaper cakes can be used as a centerpiece for the gift table or the head table at the event or , they are a great piece to place at the entryway to greet your guests and immediately introduce them to the party's theme! Select a cake designer that can work with you to meet your theme's needs or construct your own cake to match your Shower theme. Creative diaper bakeries can match a cake to even the most unusual or unique Baby Shower theme.

One of the things that I like best about planning a Shower around a theme is that it can allow you stray from the boring "baby everything" mentality of Showers. For instance, if the theme is Cowboys or Ballerinas, you could plan a trivia game that revolves around famous western movies or famous musicals or dances rather than making every game and activity just about the baby. After all, the guests at the event are typically all adults, right?

Here are just a few simple theme ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Noah's Ark
  • Safari
  • Circus
  • Peter Rabbit (or any classic or favorite story book)
  • Jungle
  • Teddy Bears
  • Sports
  • Princess or Fairy Tale
  • Beach
  • Ballerina
  • Cowboy/Cowgirl
  • Doctor/Fireman or any other occupation that you'd like the new baby to consider!

Remember to have fun with it, be unique and creative and don't get discouraged!

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Selecting a Baby Shower Theme

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This article was published on 2010/04/01