Masquerade Party Theme Ideas - 5 Must See Ideas For Your Masquerade Theme Party

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The Masquerade party theme originated in Venice in the 16th century as a mode for the higher classes to be promiscuous without risk of being caught. Since then the Masquerade party theme has developed to become a worldwide social gathering theme with the help of the film Eyes Wide Shut Starring Tom Cruise.

Have a peep at the following Masquerade party theme ideas to help you throw an awesome social gathering.

1. Mail out your invites on card board cut outs of Venetian masks. Bear in mind to state that dressing up is necessary.

2. The whole essence of this event theme is to dress up as extravagantly as achievable. The point is to hide your identity by donning a face mask. If you've a budget, you can purchase in a proper Venetian face mask on the internet. If you have ever been to Venice you have observed the many many shops that specialise in making these masks and just how significant they are to Venetian civilization. If you're on a small budget you could buy a mask from a fancy dress store or yet create your own out of paper mache.

3. Think about appointing a photographer for the entry. Your friends can have their photo taken as they arrive! The girls would really love this and he might take many more photographs as the night progressed to give your friends eternal memories.

4. If you've a budget, you might hire a string quartet. This is meant to be a classy affair so the music should reflect that! If not then you need to go for an very sort of music or classical.

5. As the Masquerade party theme started in Italy, Italian foodstuff should be the fare of choice. You will not get a lot of people irritable for that! To drink it should be champagne or wine in your best crystal glasses.

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We have lots more Masquerade Party Theme Ideas to help you throw a memorable party. The Masquerade Party Theme is a truly extraordinary event that your friends will memorize perpetually.

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Masquerade Party Theme Ideas - 5 Must See Ideas For Your Masquerade Theme Party

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This article was published on 2010/03/27