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It's always fun to decorate and renovate homes but if we are honest with ourselves, a lot of it has become boring because it's the same old thing. You paint, lay a new carpet, put in a few new light fixtures and add a few accessories and that's it.

It doesn't have to be that way as you can make updating and decorating a room much more enjoyable and intriguing. All you need to do is make a decision that you're going to go with a theme room. This is very similar to going within the time era such as Renaissance, Victorian or ultra modern but the theme room goes beyond this.

Let's think about something that you might really, like perhaps you are a cat lover or a dog lover. Then again, maybe you like wizards, fairies, gargoyles, and the mystical. Then you can set the whole mood of your room around one of these favorites of yours.

For example if you are an animal lover then you could pick your favorite animal and build your theme around that particular one and then use some of the other animals that you enjoy as well and tie them in as your accessories.

To begin with, your color scheme is going to want to be such as that which most animals would comply with. For example if your love of animals happens to be in the wildlife and its the polar bears in particular then you are going to want to go with white which will be really easy to accessorize with.

However if your fondest memories lies with the grizzly bears, then you are going to have to stick with the neutral colors and the earthy tones. You can choose your carpet with a variety of colors that are compatible to the theme room that you were going with.

Using animals as an example, a grizzly bear would have several different shades of browns. These colors are the ones that you would want to utilize in your carpet.

Some really nice artwork reflecting the animal would go perfectly as well as some of your accessories. Mind you, don't go overboard with the whole theme room being inundated with the grizzly bear for example. You can tie this theme in with by adding some of the environmental tones that the grizzly bear lives in and some of the other animals that would be in the same habitat as this particular one.

We have just used the grizzly bear or the wildlife theme as an example to show you how you can start to build your theme room. You can follow the exact same premise with the fantasy line or any other theme that you desire.

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Building a Theme Room

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This article was published on 2010/03/31